bdeliberate: Leveraging The Lessons of This Year

Earlier this month I sequestered myself in a nearby hotel room with the sole purpose of reviewing the current year and defining the coming one.

If you want to truly understand someone, and know their true values, then peek at their calendar. How we invest our time is the most profound expression of who we are. Goals, dreams…all good stuff, but what actually dominates our days defines us.

This time of year, we get swept up in the festivities and in doing so, we sweep all the good stuff under the rug. With the best of intentions, we jump right into resolutions that barely survive the month of January.

So a full day to reflect on the year is a juicy indulgence not many of us have right now. Surely, however, you have an hour for this rich, rewarding inquiry.

  • Decide when and where this exploration will take place.
  • Protect that time like a mama bear protects her cub. No distractions. Lots of boundaries.
  • Set a timer for one hour.
  • Scan your calendar one month at a time and then the year as a whole.
  • Note what trends emerge.
  • Reflect on the inconsistencies, the starts and the stops, the “yes” that you know now should have been a “no” and the “no” you regret was not a “yes”.
  • Decide which habits, organizations, commitments, and even people are worthy of real estate in the coming year’s calendar.
  • Identify the person who challenged you the most. It is this person who taught you the most. He/she is your mentor.
  • Would you make the same decision knowing what you know now?
  • How much of a sense of mastery over your life did you experience?
  • In what ways did you grow? In what ways are you still stuck?
  • How can you leverage the challenges of the year into opportunities for the coming year?
  • How does your year compare to the one you envisioned?

We begin the coming year either empowered or burdened by the previous year. Learn from the lessons of the year and in doing so, liberate yourself.

Crafting a vision for the coming year based on how we lived the previous is a deliberate and informed exercise, compared to a mere wish untethered by experience.

Allow the story of your life to unfold and then decide if this story is the one you want to tell.

What I am asking you to do is to bear witness to your own life. If not you, then who?


You don’t have to do this alone. I can help. Maybe you are rockin’ it at work but your habits around food could improve. Or maybe you set the same resolution every year only to discover you have fallen short again.

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