Spicy Cacao Truffles

1 Cup cashews, raw
1/2 tsp
cinnamon, ground
1/8 tsp
chili powder
1/8 tsp
sea salt
3/4 Cup
cacao powder
1/3 Cup
agave syrup
cacao powder, cinnamon, cacao nibs, hemp seeds for rolling

Gently grind the cashews into a fine powder.
Add cinnamon, chili powder, sea salt, or cacao powder and mix well.
Add agave syrup and stir until well combined.
Roll 1 Tbsp size dough into balls.
Roll in the “toppings” until coated to your liking.
Eat immediately or place in freezer for 30 minutes for a firmer texture.
Keeps for weeks at room temperature and months in the fridge.
Travels well.