Sweeping Clean | New Years 2016

We all have our favorite holidays. Mine, by far, is one adopted from a Buddhist tradition, a temple cleaning. We clean our house from top to bottom. (Ok, not totally bottom. Our basement is a hot mess. No one is perfect.) We move through the house, opening drawers and unloading shelves, taking everything out, and deciding whether what was removed should return. Does it deserve a space in the place we call home? Airing out our belongings-the decisions we made weeks, months, years or even decades ago-we decide whether they still should belong to us. Letting go of what no longer serves us creates an opportunity to intentionally realign with our values and our goals. We remember who we are and what matters to us. We create our environment rather than react to it or just deal with it. We can reinvent ourselves by shifting the things (and people, thoughts….) that surround us.
Begin your cleansing ritual:
  • Engage the whole family. (You may want to keep the kids focused on their rooms.)
  • Dedicate a few hours, more or less, depending on your home.
  • Set the timer for 45 minutes. (15 for kids).
  • Choose silence. (kids may need music)
  • Make contact with all you own. Begin with one drawer or shelf in the space you use most such as in the kitchen.
  • Remove all items.
  • Wipe down the space with green cleaners. Ones with pure essential oils clean you and the surface. 
  • Return the items worthy of the real estate.
  • Place the ones that no longer serve you well aside to be either donated, gifted or discarded.
  • Move throughout the house with gratitude, efficiency and clarity until the timer goes off.
  • Rest.
  • Return for another 45 minute session. You can invest time in one day, one weekend, one month. Depends on how deep you want to go.
  • Nurture each corner of your home, wiping down the spots often unseen.
  • Bring beauty into the home in the form of fresh flowers and plants, infusing it with life.
  • Invite the sacred to your home with a beloved treasure previously insignificant among the clutter or an artifact from a loved one who has passed. The less you have, the more what you have can be seen. 
When we tend to the darkened, neglected corners of our homes, we illuminate the ignored corners of our lives. In what ways are we cramming more into the already overstuffed kitchen utensil drawer of our lives? It is rarely what we need to add and instead what we need to let go.
Interacting with things takes life energy so we want the things with which we interact to engage our senses, bring us joy, remind us of the highest version of  ourselves.  It is not about the cost of something but about how invested you are in it.
Your home can connect you with the highest version of yourself or drag you into the depths of destructive habits that keep you playing small. Honor the structure that houses your soul, your triumphs, your love. Honor your home’s service.  Home is a sanctuary for our souls to rest, a soft spot to land. Sweep it clean of the energy that no longer serves and prepare it for a year of intentional living.
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