Almost exactly two years ago, I reached out to my friend Katie McDonald at bnourished to help guide me. From my food to my feelings, I needed more than a therapist–I needed a full on health, life and business coach that would hold me accountable and help me plan in all areas of my life. I had just finished 4 years of grad school and I felt I was failing in all arenas–from mothering to partnering to designing to managing. I wanted tasks and results, not talk therapy. Two years in, she is a staple of my personal and professional life. She is my everything collaborator. I feel so fortunate to have met her, befriended her and then hired her. I am finally feeling alive again. If this sounds familiar, maybe you should hire her too. She continues to guide me in my life journey through transforming my habits, my actions and my thought processes. Love you Katie!

Kelly T.

I first met Katie after reading an article about bnourished in Providence Monthly. I was desperate, depressed, frustrated. I had been trying to lose weight for several years but instead I was gaining weight. My focus was on weight and not my whole being. Approximately 2 years prior, I tragically lost my son. I was devastated. I was grieving and stuck. I did not know how to move forward.

Through my journey with Katie, I learned that I needed to make some changes in several areas of my life such as tracking my food, adding exercise, making self-care a priority, and creating a spiritual practice. All these things combined helped me take back my power. I finally feel empowered. I have the energy and tools I need to continue to lose weight and maintain self-care. I am powerful.

I thank Katie for helping me get my life back.


I don’t even know where to begin, I was recommended by a friend who knew I needed to make changes in my life. I had my doubts and was very nervous about the whole thing. However, I went to Katie a broken, insecure, unhealthy being and I came out a strong, healthy, and HAPPY NEW WOMAN!!! She is a miracle worker! I cannot say enough wonderful and positive things about bnourished. It was truly amazing and I cannot ever thank her enough for what she brought to my life!! Katie helped me in so many ways besides teaching me about nourishing food and health. I am thoughtful and intentional about my life in ways I never imagined. She gave me my strength back as a woman!! Working with Katie was truly one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I plan on returning just to make sure I stay on this new path of exceptional well-being.


I’m an entrepreneur running a growing consultancy, a mom to two young kids, a wife, a daughter, sister and friend. Like a lot of women my age, I wear a lot of hats for a lot of people and, sadly, my own well-being fell to the back of the line day after day. I found myself in my mid-40’s with a lot of extra weight, occasional arrhythmia, headaches, skin breakouts, stomach issues and no idea where to start digging myself out. I am accustomed to succeeding in most areas of my life and yet I was so ashamed that I couldn’t successfully take care of myself. The constant punishing internal self-dialogue over it all was brutal.

Katie came into my life through some mutual friends and I was blown away by her energy, passion and knowledge. And, while I knew that I needed someone like her to help me find my way back to myself, I held off working with her for nearly two years. I was afraid! Afraid of the change, of how honest I’d have to get with myself, and of stripping back the layers of denial I’d built up around myself. When I finally sat down with her and committed to a 6 month journey, my only regret was that I’d waited so long before starting.

In short, my life is immeasurably better after working with Katie. Yes, I’ve lost weight (a lot and will continue to lose) but more importantly I found a better way to navigate my life. I was letting the needs of others swamp my own needs. I was in constant reactive mode and I’ve now found a path of intentional living in my personal and professional life.

I’m far from perfect or “enlightened”, however I feel like I’m able to be aware of what I need and why in a way I never have before in my life. The lessons have spilled over into my work in ways in which my clients benefit, into my home where I am more present for my kids and husband and where I set a better example of healthy living. Basically the reactivity is gone from my life – I’m too afraid of missing out on ME!

If you are considering working with Katie, don’t delay – jump in and start now. She is endlessly compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable, and will unabashedly call you on your BS. She wants her clients to succeed and deeply supports them through their journey. My life is different now – BETTER now – and it’s a wonderful thing.

Bethany W

From overwhelmed, overworked to finally having time to enjoy my loved ones!

Before working bnourished, I was struggling to stay healthy. I was feeling completely overwhelmed, overworked and in general completely unsatisfied and unhappy with my life. I love my husband, children, family, friends and my work but I was not really loving that I wasn’t able to have time to enjoy anything because of the amount of work and responsibility I had.

I wasn’t sleeping, eating properly and in a way I feel like I wasn’t truly living up to my potential. I would beat myself up when I didn’t get everything on my 3 page to-do list done and I wasn’t taking any time for myself.

I was letting my life control me and not controlling my life.

bnourished program changed my approach to everything. Katie gave me the support, guidance and the resources to really understand myself, my needs, goals and health. I didn’t realize how brutal and unforgiving I was to myself until you asked me to look at everything I was doing and the volume of work and responsibility I had.

The systems you have helped me create to address when I am overwhelmed helped me attack every “shit storm” that comes my way. I have come to realize that asking for help doesn’t mean I am a failure and that I cannot and should not try and do everything on my own.

My experience with you has been a truly life-changing gift and I am very excited to see where I will be in a year from now after the bmaintained program.

If you are feeling overwhlemed, I can’t recommend Katie enough, she has been a true mentor, coach and friend to me and I thank you for everything you have done to help me!

Sandy R

When I met Katie, my world was on the verge of being turned upside down. I had been diagnosed with low grade dysplasia in my colon after battling Ulcerative Colitis for 15 years. My doctors were recommending a full removal of my colon.  

I believed I could beat the odds and take control of my life. When I started working with Katie. What blew me away was how much she believed in me. I felt she was like a partner who wanted my results just as much I did.

Together we put together a plan to transform my diet. She took into account some of my fears around eating healthier and approached my situation by gradually challenging me to try things: from learning how to cook, what foods to buy and what to eat and also integrated smoothies into my diet.

The whole process, she helped me keep honest but what was amazing was by the time I went back for my first set of Biopsies came back and showed no Dysplasia.

Though I’m not out of the water, that was a HUGE win for me and I am confident that by time I go for my next Biopsies will show a similar result and I will be able to keep all of my body parts!

If you are worried about your health and serious about making a change, I can’t recommend working with Katie enough. She changed my life and I’m grateful to have her on my team!


Katie McDonald is an expert on the foods we put into our bodies, but perhaps more importantly, she is a curator of habits and a champion of self-compassion and care. 
She has changed my life.

Jill Marinelli

It’s been a year.  A year since I finally stood up for myself and said “I’m tired of being tired”.  It’s been a year since I’ve decided to reclaim my health for myself.  For those of you reading this “testimonial” let me take you on a brief journey.  I’m 45 years young.  For the majority of my life I’ve been dependent upon several medications to control my allergy and asthma symptoms.  When I was 25, I was told I had the lungs of a 45-year old.  When, in my 30’s, I couldn’t get enough energy to make it through the day, I went to my general practitioner who ordered a sleep study. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.   There were days where I couldn’t make it home without first pulling over to the side of the road to take a quick nap.  I would get so tired I’d be afraid to drive and risk hurting myself or someone else.  I left my corporate job after 18-years in the workforce thinking raising my boys and being home would be less stressful and I’d have more time to sleep.  I slipped into depression and added yet another medication to the growing number of “pills” I took on a daily basis.

I was too tired to exercise, too tired to cook healthfully, I was simply too tired period.  Feeling tired, overwhelmed and depressed, I decided to contact Katie.  I read so many wonderful testimonials on her website and knowing that she too used to struggle with asthma, I thought why not?  I’ve tried coffee, power naps, dieting, exercising and nothing seemed to work.  Why not try something different.  That phone call started me on a journey, one that has positively transformed my life.  

When I first contacted Katie, I was taking five different prescription medications to manage allergies, asthma and depression.  I was not sharing a bed with my husband as my snoring was such a huge disruption that neither of us received the rejuvenating sleep we so desperately needed.  My weight was the heaviest of my adult life, 215 pounds.  I was told if I didn’t get my Cholesterol, LDL, VLDL and Triglyceride numbers in control, more medication would be needed to stave off illness.  I was scared to make the phone call but with alcoholism, diabetes, cancer in my family history, I was even more scared not to make the call.  

Katie in her no-nonsense mannerism transformed my life.  She empowered me to make decisions for ME, decisions that would change my life.  She taught me how to say NO to all things in life that do not serve me, my family or my priorities.  She taught me that MY health is MY birthright.  She taught me how drinking water, moving my body, getting sleep, and being mindful of the food I put in my body will transform my life and it did!  

Fast forward a year.  It is now February 2015.  I have managed to lose and keep off 10 pounds.  I’ve found meditation and yoga practices that help me to be a more mindful me.  Within 6 months my cholesterol was down 37 points, LD was down 24 points, VLDL was down 3 points and Triglyceride levels are down 16 points.  I am on NO prescription medications, I share a bed with my husband once again!   I start each day with a tall glass of water and go from there!  There are days I stumble and fall and there are days I soar.  It’s not a phase, it’s not a diet, it is a journey…MY journey.   

I am forever grateful to Katie McDonald for the gift of lifeand health!

P. Bernstein

I had been looking for a nutritionist to help our family eat more nutritiously to improve our overall well being physically and emotionally. I read about Katie in a local magazine and decided that a wholistic health coach sounded more like what I needed and made an appointment. I am so happy I did!

This journey with Katie has been so much more than I had expected. She really works with you as an individual, to determine what you truly want to accomplish. She is extremely insightful and gently guides you in the right direction. She introduces functional strategies , ideas, and products to use in your daily life. I have learned a plethora of information from Katie about taking care of myself and that has helped my whole family. I am much happier on a daily basis and feel that I am more in control about the decisions I make in all aspects of life. Katie is kind, generous, knowledgeable, and truly cares. She is a genuine coach cheering you on every step of the way on whatever journey you are taking. She can facilitate transforming your life into what you really want if you are ready to do some work and make a commitment!

btransformed Client

I cannot thank Katie enough for leading me down the right path. I have MS and although I am faithful with physical therapy, there was one part of the puzzle that was missing and that was good nutrition. Her sessions have helped me in changing the way I cook and prepare. I have also learned how to use products in my home that are safe. She also teaches you about aromatherapy and mainly how to make time for you. I have decreased whatever medication I was taking. I cannot speak highly enough of bnourished. If you do one thing for yourself, contact Katie. It will be the best gift you can give yourself and your family.  In good health, Kathy Crudele.

Kathy Crudele

Thank you for all that you did- I never had a chance to really thank you. That time in my life was so hectic. But the effects of our time together have been long lasting, and have revealed themselves over time, like a slowly woven gorgeous tapestry- leading me to where I am supposed to be!

Christine Chitnis

Katie McDonald has been my first ever Holistic Health Coach. Who knew I needed one? I had lived my life for the last 45 years just exercising and not thinking about the food that went into my body, why would I need to think about it now? It all started when I came down with acid reflux. I contacted her and said that I did not want to be on medicine for this or anything else. What could I do? She met with me and coached me about what acid reflux was and how I could treat it by eliminating some foods I had in my diet. I tried it and it worked! Not only that, I felt better than I had in years! I have no more acid reflux and no medications! We met again and she challenged me to not only be intentional about my food, but also about my life and where I would like it to go…even my spiritual life. I was listened to and understood. I was never shamed about the choices I had made or laughed at for the dreams I had in my heart. A year later I am on a clear course, living life to the full. I have learned so much about what my body needs to live the life of my dreams with joy, energy, love, persistence, and forgiveness. If you really desire change, Katie is the best one to have in your grocery cart corner!

Mary Pat Denci

I enrolled in Katie’s six month program in hopes of finding clarity around nutritional information to combat the dizzying array of conflicting information available from traditional sources.

I finished the program with so much more than that.  I left with a solid understanding of food for health and healing both physically and mentally. My entire family has benefitted.

Katie truly views her clients holistically and nurtures the soul as well as the body with a host of educational tools, references, exercises, great dialogue and honest feedback.

Katie has given me tools to manage anything life can throw at me and has taught me to listen and trust what my body and mind are telling me.   I now have a host of tools such as herbal remedies, great reference material, insightful exercises that I can revisit if I ever find myself in a rut in the future.

Thanks Katie

Anne H

Working with Katie has been both a pleasure and a blessing.  Before I began her program 6 months ago, I was lost in many ways.  I was severely overweight, unmotivated to improve my health and well-being, and disconnected from myself and my relationships.  She has taught me how to take control of my life in all of its facets.  I now know how to nourish my body, mind, and soul more than I ever did before.  I have lost over 50 pounds and I love eating more than I ever did before because I now eat in a way that is an expression of self-love and an act of joy.  I now know how to choose to be happy and to attack life with all the vigor it deserves and requires.

Every day is a blessing, and Katie has helped me to realize this.  We face obstacles every day, but that is all they are because once we overcome them, we are better for it.  Happiness is always there for the taking, but sometimes we need help to learn how to reach out and grab it.  This is what Katie is to me; a guide and a teacher, a friend and a mentor.  I cannot thank her enough for who she is and what she has done for me.

John Batista

Top 10 Things I learned from Katie

1. To live healthy

2. To take care of myself while still caring for others

3. Essential oils are wonderful

4. To cook and explore different foods

5. To find calm and quiet for myself daily

6. To be mindful in the moment

7. I can live without Diet Coke

8. That I am a sensitive person and that is a part of me

9. I can do yoga

10. That I am empowered by my new lifestyle

Katie’s btransformed program is the best thing I have ever done, her compassion, sincerity and knowledge have helped me become a healthier, stronger, woman. With all my heart, THANK YOU Katie!

Anne Killeen

Starting as a college student, who was perfectly happy eating whatever I could get my hands on, working with Katie McDonald has helped me develop a mind body connection. Her directions have allowed me to identify how I feel after I eat certain foods and why I have certain cravings. She has worked with me to create healthy eating habits that work within my busy unconventional schedule. Gracefully answering every little health food question I could up with and ready for my mid-grocery shopping phone calls. Katie’s wisdom and direction are inspiring. She has truly transformed my view of food from health needs and supplements to cooking tips and nutritional techniques. Definitely the Best!

Tricia Denci

First of all, I need to say thank you. Working with Katie over the past 7 months has been wonderful, and her support has been exactly what I have needed at each phase of the journey to better health. By nature I am a very private person so it was a big step for me to decide to seek help from Katie. I knew that the process of coaching would require me reveal things about myself that I do not readily share. My fears were quickly put to rest because Katie provided a safe and nurturing space to share what was on my mind while offering me the support I needed to reach my short and long term goals, and most importantly she listened to my concerns. Katie offered flexibility, knowledge, and organization in aligning me with a personalized program that taught me how to set priorities to achieve my goals. Her positive reinforcement, encouragement and support through constant communication kept me motivated and focused on my commitment. She has a creative and realistic approach that gave me the drive in maintaining consistency and balance on what I wanted to accomplish whether it was on a daily basis, short or long term goal. Initially, my mindset was that I was doing this to gain more information on nutrition, but I found I gained a wealth of knowledge in the other areas in my life that needed attention to create the balance I was craving to living a more fulfilled and happy life.

Katie helped me take small steps to make more “me” time while maintaining a busy and unconventional work schedule. She gave me the space and confidence to figure things out for myself, then checked in and stepped in at different points to lend support. I always looked forward to her emails…seeing our session summed up was so helpful to me, and receiving the attachments full of insight or recipes was excellent! Katie’s kind and non judgmental nature were always so calming for me. She had an uncanny ability to point me in the direction of my own self when I started to look outside. Her intelligence, patience, sensitivity and holistic approach inspire me to have greater confidence while listening to my own body, starting to treasure it again and to sustain it with whole foods while following my heart. Thank you Katie for all of your encouragement, tremendous support and professionalism. You have changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful to you.


I met Katie McDonald last January. I needed some direction so I called and made the appointment. Katie was available. When I hung up, I read Katie’s bio. She was a vegan chef. I had no interest in learning about food but she was available and maybe I could talk to her and see if she could point me towards whomever could help me. I sought inner peace and wanted to delve into meditation. At that initial appointment, Katie explained that as a holistic health coach, she could, among other things, help guide me to that which I sought. I signed up for a 6 month program with her.

Katie has helped me remove myself from the darkness I has holed up in, lead me to realize that I can leave the guilt behind while I care for myself, and opened my eyes to the possibilities that remain ahead for me. You see, I had given up on myself. I had decided I was no longer worthy of happiness. I was utterly depressed and in need of self nurturing, but I did not possess the the tools I needed. Katie assisted me in building my own personal tool kit and I will continue to use it and add to it for the rest of my life.

One of the tools Katie gave me was a plain brown book of empty pages. This gift represents the culmination of so much of what I sought as well as what I need, want and enjoy. She gave me the empty pages I needed to start to fill with that which heals me, moves me and elevates me to a better place.

For anyone who has opened themselves up to see what was really inside, and has invited any and all help, anyone who has asked for a “sign”, know the universe does support you. To hear this and to come to know this is a leap of faith. You have nothing to loose, except that which does not serve you. Having this knowledge, I have learned (and actually experienced), the receiving of that which I need. When I received a vegan chef as a holistic health coach, I found that she was exactly what I needed. Thank you, universe. Thank you, Katie!

Shelley Renzi

Katie – I am still in awe of the incredible transformation I have experienced since the two of us met. This formally broken down, fatigued shell of a woman has blossomed under your nurturing, healing and holistic guidance. When I was feeling broken you helped me unearth the why’s while providing me the tools to heal myself. Many times we started on one path only to discover, after peeling off the layers of protection, that there were even more destructive survival behaviors below the surface contributing to my dis-ease. No one was ever given permission to delve into this dark place with me. I was surviving, but not thriving. I loved those moments when we would both look up in surprise when the AHA! moment became apparent to each of us at the same time.

My home is now my sanctuary with clutter free, sacred spaces for meals and meditation. You intuitively interpreted that I needed this after our first consultation. Who knew? I certainly didn’t! Everything from the simple but powerful ‘smudging’ to the clutter busting, clearing of two rooms filled with crippling piles of ‘stuff’ was a major undertaking. It was not easy but with your support I made it happen.

You consistently amazed me with your extensive knowledge and your unique approaches to my specific issues. I loved getting follow up e-mails just when I needed them most. You always knew when to use gentle discipline and when to just step back. They don’t teach that in school.

I now have a tool box filled with daily self- care rituals that leave me feeling empowered. Self-care is an absolute must for health and well-being. This was something I had ignored for years and years. No wonder I was run down. When I have a day or two where it all goes to pot I feel confident that it is temporary and know that I have the power to change it for the better. There are no words that can convey my gratitude. Thank you for sharing all of your gifts and knowledge to mentor me to a glowing, vital, healthy life.

PS If any of you are reading this and wondering if there is a need in your life for a Holistic Health Coach, the answer is YES! I wasted too much time from when I first read about Katie’s services to when I made my first appointment.


Katie is an intuitive, caring and insightful coach and health counselor. She gets to the heart of the matter in a loving and kind way. She has helped me define my goals and has been my mentor in my fitness program, lifestyle goals and redefining joy in my life. Katie never judges me in any way. I really appreciate her professionalism, grace and guidance. She is helping me to move my life forward personally and professionally. She’s tailored my program to my specific needs around food, body image, exercise and career goals. Thank you Katie!

Jane Stinson

If, like me, you’re thinking you need a health style change, then Holistic Health Coach Katie McDonald is the place to start. Her welcoming manner and no judgement style puts you at ease immediately. By the end of the first hour you’ll feel like you’ve found a new best friend:one who understands you and will stick with you as together you plan a program you can live with. And you’ll find the contact continues through email and phone support.

With some of the best nutritional education in the country and personal experience to back that up, Katie’s whole hearted dedication to promoting good health is boundless. She actually lives and loves her work, readily apparent to those who meet her and learn from her.

Additionally she’s a devoted cook, bringing to the table delicious dishes that surprise and delight the sense. And, as I discovered, she shares her recipes willingly.

Mary Welch

Thanks to you, my kitchen is a stress free environment!

My husband and I de-cluttered our kitchen this weekend. We tossed useless items, re-organized draws, cleared countertops, threw out our plastic containers, bought all glass containers, replaced plastic cutting boards with wood, and even replaced our kitchen island which was a disgrace. IT LOOKS SO NICE! I love spending time in there now!

It is so odd to think that I lived with immense clutter (knife block, big jar with utensils hanging out of it, etc) for years and never took the time to just rethink how I stored things. My counter top is clear!!! I can actually prepare food!

You were the catalyst for this big change. Thank you so much. Our meals are now prepared in a harmonious, joyful space.

Kerri Costa

I was not feeling well. I decided a diet change was necessary. And, I needed help. It was then that I met Katie. After my first consultation with her, I knew she was the help I needed at this time in my life.

Katie guided me patiently, gently, thoughtfully and lovingly through what turned out to be, on face value, one of my most difficult times. A life changing event was about to take place. As the weeks unfolded, a tumor was found in my stomach!

Katie and I worked together before, during and after the removal of this tumor. As I listened to her insightful observations and recommendations, I became more determined than ever to become a totally healthy person.

With Katie’s help, I am making a wonder-filled recovery. I am feeling so much better in so many ways. I have a deeper insight into who I was and a clearer vision of whom I want to be. And, I have changed my diet too!

Katie has given me the help I thought I needed and more. Thank you, Katie!


Katie from bnourished has been MAGIC for me! She helped me realize the areas that needed attention in my life from aromatherapy in my home to body weight, from spirituality to negative behavior.

Katie helped me outline attainable goals and positive life practices. These are skills that helped me create a bridge to my new life. I am forever grateful.

Jennifer Neuguth

In this fast paced, “fast-food”, overly connected world we live in, Katie provides a loving safe haven to learn and explore how to care for one’s body, mind and soul.

Before working with Katie I was chronically ill, or so I thought. It turns out with the right tools, proper nutrition, self-care and love, I can be the healthy, mindful “road-warrior” I had been dreaming of.

Through a six-month, eyes wide-open process I went from being someone who was ill, had no time, or energy to glowing from the inside-out with the energy I needed to bring my life to the next level. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Katie is one of those five people you will surely meet in heaven. And if you are ready for change, you’re ready for Katie.

Nicole Levy

In January of 2010 I was diagnosed with IBD- Ulcerative Colitis. The disease was beginning to effect every aspect of my life. I was beginning to become depressed, feeling scared, shameful, embarrassed and as though I was losing so many things that were important in my life. The information out there was often conflicting, confusing and frustrating. I tried various diets- gluten free, dairy free, no alcohol, more fiber, less fiber, low sugar, and on and on. After many drug trials and huge doses of Steroids (which did absolutely nothing to improve how I felt about my life), I began IV Drug Treatments and was still struggling with the disease. Discussions with my doctor began to center around removing my colon despite the heavy medications I was already taking, I refused to believe that was my only option.

A co-worker had encountered Katie along the way and recommended Katie as a Holistic Health Coach. I figured that I had nothing left to lose and as afraid as I was, I was still fearful I would have to alter my life and I didn’t want to give up anything else that I loved, valued and made me “ME”. What I never imagined was how much I would gain from working with Katie. Katie did an amazing job of helping me to ADD to my life rather than taking things away, she taught me how to have a much better understanding of why I made the choices I made and essentially taught me so many life skills and beneficial strategies to help me to cope with my disease and to improve my symptoms and my life. She has shown me how valuable I actually am and how much I truly value not only my life, but my body, my health, and myself. Katie didn’t just help me to get my life back, she helped me develop a better life with a better perspective and a much better outlook on the future. Katie helped me to discover a whole host of tools and knowledge to use everyday to care for myself and was flexible enough to give up when certain “tools” did not work for me. As of this date, I still struggle with IBD -UC but I am off all steroids, and am only taking 2 medications. More importantly, I have a much better knowledge of my body and what it needs. I also have a much better view of what my future can and will hold for me, my family and my life. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank Katie enough, she has in so many ways, not only saved, but gave me back MY life- New and Improved! Thank You!

Erin Perron

Katie Mc Donald – She had me at hello. Well technically, it was after she flawlessly revealed her dreams and described how every single delicious non-oatmeal-gray image on her vision board came true. Dreams and visions backed by indisputable facts and a concrete path to get there? Nice, I’m in. Katie Mc Donald – Attractive, intelligent, articulate, and obviously very squared-away. Unless I’m not mistaken, she’s living the dream. Her dream. I gotta get me some of that. Waitress, I’ll have what she’s having. A plateful of dreams, healthy proportions, one bite at a time.

I’ll fast forward through 6 glorious months of retreat-like structure, self-care, and a shiny new word in my vocabulary. You may have heard it before, but have you experienced just how empowering “No” can be? I discovered that if you keep these two little letters in your hip pocket, you are packing a powerhouse full of liberation. Luckily “No” can be delivered in many convenient variations and tones: There is the very respectful, “No thank you, I won’t be able to attend the wedding.” (Let’s be honest, you feel obligated to invite me and my free time is extremely rare and precious to me). I’ll send you a thoughtful gift and we can call it even. The timid on-the-fence variety such as, “No… although I could attend that healthy yoga class to get all centered and stretchy, I’ve been pretty good this week and sleeping in would really sooth my tired spirit today”. And let’s not forget the unthinkably courageous “NO” to a long standing unhealthy relationship. Can’t you just hear the rumbling of “NO” and me roar as we refuse my seductive Saturday night companion? So strong, smells oh so good… my undeniably irresistible Greek love-of-my-life Pizza. Who knew a Raw Key Lime Pie made with avocado and veggie powder could overpower my love of cheese. Miracles do happen!

Don’t get me wrong, saying “No” doesn’t preclude me from navigating through a ridiculous amount of responsibility each day, but thanks to Katie’s insights, loving support, and life changing lessons, my plate is full of exactly what I ordered. My wine glass is full of green juice and life is starting to fit. I peacefully, deliberately, and very gratefully, eat it all up – one colorful and vibrant bite at a time. I’m happy to say, Nine months after our first session, I’m living the left-hand-corner of my vision board. I wake up every morning just steps away from warm turquoise water and white sandy beaches. I watch the sunset and I feel my soul expand. Sometimes I look over my shoulder to make sure the dream police aren’t hot on my tail. Then I giggle as I think, just for this moment, just for now…I’m living my dream.

Lindy Gilbert

Looking back on my journey with Katie I would have to say that calling my transformation profound would be an understatement. Although I went in to the first session fully committed and sure that life-altering changes would occur, I could not have imagined just how epic they would be. Reflecting now, not only have I reached all of the goals that I set out to achieve, but in most cases, I have surpassed them.

I entered my first session with Katie assuring her that I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, was happy and just wanted to tweak a few things. I was sure mistaken there. I now realize that I was sick and did not even know it. I was settling for a standard of life and health that I had always considered to be acceptable, although I know now that if I had stuck on the path I was on, I would have wound up very sick indeed.

Like so many of us, I was stuck in years of patterns of living that had become so comfortable I did not even realize I was performing them most of the time. From Katie and the trust she helped me instill within myself, I learned to step out of my comfort zone, try a whole range of new things on for size, to choose which best served me in the new life I was eager to live, and ultimately, to soar.Although Katie always reminded me that I was the one doing the work, it was her brilliant guidance that made the difference between trying to reach my goals and actually succeeding this time. Katie has a bright and compassionate presence, eager to help guide you along the path you want to find. I always looked forward to our meetings together, excited to share what I had learned and to find out what we would be taking on next.

One of the greatest things about coaching with Katie is that she makes everything so obtainable, so that from one session to the next, your “homework” feels completely doable. However, looking back on the weeks and how they built on one another, it is incredible to see how each little step helped me progress, getting closer and closer to the ultimate goals I set out for myself. Moreover, since our 6 months together ended, I have continued to set new goals for myself and am eagerly continuing to raise the bar.

If you are considering working with Katie and feel ready to commit to this 6-month journey, the best advice I can give to you is to just go for it. I have had many people tell me I am an entirely different person from when I embarked on my journey 6 months ago and I feel like it too, in the best way. Not only was it worth it, but I realize now that it could have been the single most important decision in my life. If you think that you or your health is not worth it, I would encourage you to think again.

Thank you, Katie, for everything.

Brittany Taylor

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I was going at dieting the same way over and over again expecting a weight loss…which became impossible. I am being moved forward day by day now because I no longer expect the same results… I realize that it’s not just the weight that I needed to change but the way I approached life, food and my schedule. I learned that my time is valuable and not to be wasted. I had been wasting my time because I wasn’t being deliberate about planning, organizing and designing my time which led to a feeling of chaos, anger and frustration. This was a pattern that was spilling over into my food. I left my food to chance and put little thought and planning into it. Now, I have to take time, with real food, and be deliberate about my time, both with food and my life.

I was suffering with some food and health issues. I had also not been losing weight but gaining it. I was frustrated and needed to explore other options. Katie showed compassion from the get go…this allowed me to ease into the change I was embracing. It was important to me to know that someone was walking with me through this change. Katie had a way of introducing me to new approaches and gently nudging me. I also knew that I needed both her presence and her nudges to help me continue the journey.

I wasn’t surprised by the fact that I wasn’t looking at food in the right way. But I was surprised how fast things began to change. I quickly moved from using “manu-fractured” food to real food. This led to many more changes as I made new choices which led to even more satisfying food.

Advice for those considering the btransformed program with Katie: “Go with it! just let it happen. Don’t try to manipulate the change but believe that it can happen. Allow the new changes to wash over you and interrupt you just enough to pause and pay attention. Soon, the desired change will be so tempting that you’ll run after it!

Cheryl L.