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Boosting wellness and productivity: for corporate groups and individuals.

The health of your employees — and the health of your bottom line — are inextricably entwined. Because when employees aren’t at their best, productivity, company morale and quality of work all suffer. While sick days and medical leaves continue to add up.

Through her past experience at Time, Inc. — including the self-sacrifice it takes to generate over $1.5M in sales — Katie McDonald understands the pace and pressures of corporate life at a personal and visceral level.

Depleted, depressed and just plain sick, Katie knew that something needed to give. She came to understand that doing what is good for your body and mind is also good for your career. A true testament to her own success, Katie has been disease-free for nearly a decade — while becoming a widely respected self-care strategist.

Corporate programs for wellness and self-care:
For time-pressed companies and executives.

From a company standpoint, customized bpresentation programs can transform the culture of your company from one driven by stress and fatigue — to a highly-spirited one that is focused, emboldened and inspired. While giving your employees a sense they’re truly supported in managing their self-care, stress levels and overall well-being.

The presentation was vibrant, eye-opening, and informative. I left inspired to make self-care my number-one priority — realizing this is how I can best support others. For anyone who wants to reach higher levels of performance and joy by getting real about their health, I highly recommend Katie.
Todd Iarussi
Performance Coach

Crafted to fit specific needs and goals.

Along with engaging bpresentation events and coaching sessions, Katie also offers one-on-one consultations for select executives. The goal is to teach your key people how to incorporate intentional self-care into their daily routines. Helping them to effectively manage stress in and out of the workplace. While accessing peak performance and productivity levels to soar to new heights. So they can consistently bring their most creative, resilient and resourceful selves to the challenges at hand.

Bring back Katie! Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable and engaging, wish we had more time. The hour flew by.

participant in corporate presentations

A powerful presenter with an enviable following.

A life coach and self-care thought leader who is consistently quoted in media outlets, ranging from the Providence Journal to the Huffington Post, Katie McDonald has delivered engaging bpresentations to a wide variety of corporate and nonprofit entities, including:

The bnourished approach to helping you believe that change is not only possible, but also attainable, empowers you to make better choices. We have invited Katie in to facilitate a lunch-n-learn with our employees on several occasions. Katie has lived in the shoes of a stressful work-life, and her insight has helped many of our employees to ‘hit the pause button’ by challenging them to think about their ideal path, then actually taking a hard look at the choices that they are currently making.

Whether it is her special herbal tea blend, her exceptionally crafted presentations, or the personal anecdotes she uses to add color and ‘tough love’ to her message, every element of Katie’s message is both engaging and empowering.
Greg S, Swarovski North America

Sample bpresentations topics and subjects.

  • Self-care when you have no time
  • Happiness: both a birthright and a choice
  • Moving from surviving to thriving
  • How busyness is hurting your business
  • Nutrition: the ultimate in self-care
  • Getting your food to serve you
  • Energy: thinking outside the coffee cup
  • bdeliberate: empowered time management
  • Productivity through food, time & thoughts
  • Mental Clarity: from fuzzy to focused

When I pictured the kind of speaker I wanted to address my professional women's association for our annual kickoff event, I felt stuck. Words like "authentic," "impactful," "purpose-driven," and "intentional" came to mind, while still wanting someone who could offer pragmatic, business-centric advice. The two seemed to be at odds with one another. I had the honor to be introduced to Katie and upon meeting with her came to realize this type of unicorn speaker exists in Katie. Katie is an extraordinarily gifted speaker, a true master at mellifluously moving her audience through her compelling narrative. She leaves attendees with renewed vigor and fierce determination to do something different tomorrow, leaving in her wake a sea of change agents ready to have impact. She leaves attendees with the realization that we owe it to ourselves to be better. Just a few minutes with this luminary has you dreaming differently. In short, hearing Katie speak--and being in her company--is a privilege in every sense of the word."
Carrie Majewski, CEO, Nexus


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