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An investment in your greater well-being.

You’re exhausted and depleted. Your work is starting to show it. And you’re afraid people are starting to notice.  brestored is a one-on-one, 6-month holistic approach for those taking care of business at the expense of taking care of themselves.

I went from being someone who was chronically ill with no time or energy — to glowing from the inside-out. The healthy, mindful “road warrior” I had been dreaming of. Ready to bring my life to the next level. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Nicole Levy

To get where you are in your corporate or entrepreneurial career, you needed to be clear-minded, highly productive and extremely resilient. But over the years, there have just been too many withdrawals from the account.

Initially I was doing this to gain more information on nutrition, but I gained a wealth of knowledge in other areas that needed attention. Creating the balance I was craving to living a more fulfilled and happy life.


As a business person, you readily understand how the health of your company, its employees and the bottom line are inextricably entwined. But the fact is, this continuum of health all starts with you.

Happiness is always there for the taking, but sometimes we need help to learn how to reach out and grab it.

John Batista

Self-care isn’t just another element you need to somehow cram into an already unforgiving schedule. It’s the lifeblood of your future success. And brestored could be the most crucial investment you’ll ever make.


4 easy steps to start thriving.

I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of people to bring the benefits of bnourished to their lives. People just like you who are overwhelmed and stressed about their current lifestyle — and who need proven ways to escape their unhealthful behaviors.

Connect with me to learn how I can tailor a holistic, tried-and-true bnourished program to serve your individual needs and aspirations.

Get started with 4 easy steps:

  1. Schedule a free, 30-minute session by clicking here.
  2. Complete the simple health assessment that comes with your appointment confirmation.
  3. If bnourished is a good fit for you, I’ll invite you to an online coaching portal.
  4. We’ll schedule your first session to begin the journey.


For years, I have been reactive to life instead of intentional, and now that I have learned how to be intentional, and care for myself, everyone else including me is better because of it. There is such a direct correlation of self-care to my success, health, and happiness.


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