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Inspire your audience to take care of themselves the way they take care of everyone and everything else

The health of your employees — and the health of your bottom line — are inextricably entwined. Because when employees aren’t at their best, productivity, company morale and quality of work all suffer. While sick days and medical leaves continue to add up.

Through her past experience at Time, Inc. — including the self-sacrifice it takes to generate over $1.5M in sales — Katie understands the pace and pressures of corporate life at a personal and visceral level.

Depleted, depressed and just plain sick, Katie knew that something needed to give. She came to understand that doing what is good for your body and mind is also good for your career. A true testament to her own success, Katie has been diseasefree for nearly two decades — while becoming a widely respected self-care strategist and keynote presenter.

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self-care isn’t selfish. it’s your duty.

In this dynamic keynote, self-care visionary Katie McDonald disrupts the mindset that self-care is selfish and instead, empowers audiences to embrace self-care as their duty.

What your audience will discover:

We know how to get things done. It is what we do. Who we are. We are the ones everyone relies on and we rarely disappoint… even if it means abandoning ourselves. Day after day we uphold promises to others in service to our work, families, and communities yet we often think nothing of breaking our word to ourselves. The fantasy that today will be different- we will get enough sleep, rest, good nutrition, and exercise-endures. We think we have to choose self-care or productivity and we know which one will win every time. In our culture, a to-do list is valued above a to-be list. Maybe we can’t pull it off anymore. We are tired, depleted, resentful and ready to challenge the long-held belief that self-care is selfish. Something has to change and we are poised to leverage a resource we have yet to fully employ-intentional and unapologetic self-care.

  • Expose the ways in which we bury our legitimate needs in the busyness
  • Gain clarity that self-neglect is selfish and an ill-advised career strategy
  • Transformative, disruptive and implementable mind shifts and strategies for peace of mind, wellbeing and impact

Perfect for:

  • high achievers taking care of business at the expense of taking care of themselves
  • the burned out & depleted
  • the determined who want to maximize their potential
  • the martyrs
  • the overwhelmed
  • the curious

Katie is an extraordinary speaker, a true master at mellifluously moving her audience through her compelling narrative. She leaves attendees with renewed vigor and fierce determination to do something different tomorro. Just a few minutes with this luminary has you dreaming differently.”

Carrie Majewski, CEO, Nexus

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A few of our collaborators

A sought after teacher and thought leader, Katie presents to corporate clients and organizations such as:

  • Brown University Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Swarovski
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Center for Women & Enterprise
  • CVS

A few of our collaborators

I partnered with Katie from b.nourished to launch a series of wellness & self-care programs at UNFI. The passion, authenticity and thought leadership she brought to the program was extraordinary. Not only did we deliver impactful and poignant sessions for our associates to feel like they were supported and empowered to put themselves first, but also they left equipped to serve as self-care advocates for their teams to keep the movement going.

Jeremy Ford, VP, People & Change and UNFI

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