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Boosting wellness and productivity: for organizations, corporate groups, and individuals.

The health of your employees — and the health of your bottom line — are inextricably entwined. Because when employees aren’t at their best, productivity, company morale and quality of work all suffer. While sick days and medical leaves continue to add up.

Through her past experience at Time, Inc. — including the self-sacrifice it takes to generate over $1.5M in sales — Katie McDonald understands the pace and pressures of corporate life at a personal and visceral level.

Depleted, depressed and just plain sick, Katie knew that something needed to give. She came to understand that doing what is good for your body and mind is also good for your career. A true testament to her own success, Katie has been disease-free for nearly a decade — while becoming a widely respected self-care strategist.

Corporate and organizational programs for wellness and self-care: For time-pressed companies and executives.

From a company standpoint, customized be present programs can transform the culture of your company from one driven by stress and fatigue — to a highly-spirited one that is focused, emboldened and inspired. While giving your employees a sense they’re truly supported in managing their self-care, stress levels and overall wellbeing.

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Crafted to fit specific needs and goals.

Along with engaging be present events and coaching sessions, Katie also offers one-on-one consultations for select executives. The goal is to teach your key people how to incorporate intentional self-care into their daily routines. Helping them to effectively manage stress in and out of the workplace. While accessing peak performance and productivity levels to soar to new heights. So they can consistently bring their most creative, resilient and resourceful selves to the challenges at hand.

Sample be present topics and subjects.

  • Self-care when you have no time
  • Happiness: both a birthright and a choice
  • Moving from surviving to thriving
  • How busyness is hurting your business
  • Nutrition: the ultimate in self-care
  • Getting your food to serve you
  • Energy: thinking outside the coffee cup
  • bdeliberate: empowered time management
  • Productivity through food, time & thoughts
  • Mental Clarity: from fuzzy to focused

A powerful presenter with an enviable following.

A life coach and self-care thought leader who is consistently quoted in media outlets, ranging from the Providence Journal to the Huffington Post, Katie McDonald has delivered engaging be present to a wide variety of corporate and nonprofit entities, including:

  • DiSanto Priest & Company
  • Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce
  • NY Conference of Mayors
  • Stanley Black & Decker


Katie McDonald is a passionate professional, speaking from a place of purpose, intention and empathy. I have had the pleasure of working with her for many years in my role with Hasbro and most recently as Executive Director of RIEEC. She has curated a leadership position in the critical area of self care. Her authentic, generous voice is more relevant than ever. Highly recommend partnering with Katie for business keynote and/or executive coach sessions.

Karen Rowland, Executive Director of RIEEC (RI Employee Engagement Council)

Women lawyers are typically a group of high achievers that churn through their day taking care of business without much thought of taking care of themselves. The Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association brought Katie in for a discussion with its members about the importance of self-care and she provided real-life strategies on how to implement the shift from outward devotion to inward devotion. Katie’s presentation was engaging, thought provoking and inspiring. Our members appreciated her passion and wealth of knowledge. The opportunity to work with Katie should not be missed.

Kelly A. Kincaid, President Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association

Katie is an energetic presenter who is not afraid to tell you like it is. Her unapologetic and passionate nature will have you thinking twice about your bad habits and inspire you to start being a better you. If you have the opportunity, go to a bnourished session or partner with Katie – you body & mind will thank you.

Kassandra McGlone, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

Katie is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. She will challenge you to look inward and give you actionable steps you can take to start changing the way you think and deal with the many stresses that life can throw at you.

Shane Viola, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

Katie is an exceptional executive coach. She understands at a deep level how important self-care is to professional success. She has a rare ability to see past the obvious and get to the real, the unique and the powerful. We were thrilled to partner with Katie on our 10-week self-care for business leaders virtual series during the pandemic.

Laurie White, President, Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

I invited Katie to speak to our staff as we entered month three working from home due to COVID-19. We decided to structure our time together through a question and answer session. Katie understood that while we wanted to address COVID-19 issues, we wanted staff to understand that self-care is important -not just during crises. Katie brings such energy into a room – even when that room is virtual! She has an amazing way of looking into the eyes, and dare I say souls, of those fortunate enough to learn from her own story of personal neglect. Katie took the time to learn about our organization and the challenges we are facing and to personalize her messages accordingly. While uplifting, Katie is also very direct about the seriousness of self-care – it’s not just something you do when you feel you deserve a feel-good treat – it’s something you need to survive and thrive – especially in times of crises. Thank you Katie!

Pam Hyland, CEO, Girls Scouts of Southeastern New England

During this time of uncertainty, Katie was a saving grace to our Organization. Katie joined our team for a lunch and learn sharing great ways to take care of one self during this challenging time. The virus has required many people to stay at home and stay away from others. This has resulted in many of our employees having to change their schedules based on their individual needs (i.e have kids who are home from school). Katie coached our employees through managing stress and getting used to a new lifestyle. The best advice she gave was make self-care a daily habit. It can help you react better to stress and have more peace during a time of uncertainty! Thank you Katie for your commitment to this work.

April Garcia, Human Resources Director, United Way of Rhode Island

I met Katie last year at a conference where she spoke at the RISE Women’s leadership wellness panel, and I was immediately connected to her story and passion for self-care. I knew in that moment that she was meant to work with us at Edesia, to motivate our team to think and act from a place of self-love. Every company has a tall order to reach in order to stay in business, but ours especially requires us to bring our highest selves to achieve a larger than life mission – to reach and treat as many malnourished children worldwide as possible. Together with Katie, we designed a 4-part program that was customized to our needs and interests. Through the exceptional program, Katie helped us to shift our mindsets about what self-care means and she gave us concrete tools to continue to work on our individual and collective needs. The Bnourished program has given us permission to think and act from a place of abundance in order to give all we have to our mission. We offered this program to all departments and levels of staff because we realize that we all have something to gain from it and we need all of us to be well in order to reach the most kids possible.

Priscilla Gonzalez-Santos, Human Resources, Edesia

There are many qualified and caring “coaches” who really care and bring great tools to the task… that said, there’s something different and powerful about Katie’s approach that really hits home and opens that “internal self-dialogue” that is so hard to get to. I know I have changed and have employed sustainable corrections to my everyday existence. More happy and productive.

Ron Yanku, Factory Director at Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions

Upon meeting Katie, I immediately knew that she was going to be the perfect addition to our event (Healthiest Employers of Connecticut Awards Program). We were extremely fortunate to have Katie join us and share her insightful, empowering, and motivating words.

I can most definitely say that the crowd that night walked out with a new outlook on their day to day lives and strategies that they can use to improve their day to day lives. The best part was how relatable Katie was with everyone in the room. Sometimes realizing others have similar struggles when it comes to work-life balance can help us all make that step forward that we need to better ourselves. She made me remember that the word “me” matters very much!

Christina Zuraw, Hartford Business Journal

As a busy executive running several companies I have gotten good at taking care of business over my many years of working. I’ve also never had a problem being a good mother. If I graded myself on self-care over the years it would range from a B to a D. The time I spent listening to Katie’s topic about self-care really resonated for me. I always put other people‘s needs first and excelled at taking care of that. Thinking about how to sustain the incredibly responsibility filled life I have over the next few decades made me realize how important taking care of myself first is. Katie,. Thank you for that reminder!
Courtney Wright, CEO, Gemini Builds It!

When I pictured the kind of speaker I wanted to address my professional women’s association for our annual kickoff event, I felt stuck. Words like “authentic,” “impactful,” “purpose-driven,” and “intentional” came to mind, while still wanting someone who could offer pragmatic, business-centric advice. The two seemed to be at odds with one another. I had the honor to be introduced to Katie and upon meeting with her came to realize this type of unicorn speaker exists in Katie. Katie is an extraordinarily gifted speaker, a true master at mellifluously moving her audience through her compelling narrative. She leaves attendees with renewed vigor and fierce determination to do something different tomorrow, leaving in her wake a sea of change agents ready to have impact. She leaves attendees with the realization that we owe it to ourselves to be better. Just a few minutes with this luminary has you dreaming differently. In short, hearing Katie speak–and being in her company–is a privilege in every sense of the word.”
Carrie Majewski, CEO, Nexus

Katie’s workshop on self-care was one of the most life-changing things I have ever experienced. Although she was speaking to a group, I truly felt as though she was speaking directly to me and knew all of my thoughts, concerns, and what I needed to do to live life more fully and happy. The tools she provided regarding living life with intentionality, and curbing the negative self-talk, have made such an impact in my life since the workshop.

Up until hearing Katie speak, I always felt like I was in a state of overwhelm. The very next day I incorporated some of her strategies into my day and noticed immediate changes in how I felt. I have noticed that even during times of increased workload and stress, I am able to handle it better, tackle it, and not have that overwhelm that I used to. What I have learned has made a positive impact in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Katie McDonald, and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
Women’s Presidents Organization member

Katie is expert and inspiring. Her presentations were very well organized and thoughtful and were about very practical issues. We left our day together feeling challenged and motivated, with a plan of straightforward steps toward our individual goals, and the sense that we have the power to create personal change. Our day together exceeded our expectations.
WPO Albany Chapter 1 Member

Her own story is inspiring… and she is gifted in sharing that story and inspiring others to embrace positive change in their own lives. Unlike many speakers who initially inspire yet offer no “how-to-do” or operational support… Katie provides practical insights and tools to effect change – and offers the follow-up to assist along the way.
WPO Albany Chapter 1 Member

Katie is very authentic. Her wisdom goes far beyond her years. She was inspirational and motivating and assisted us in determining the “why” and “how” in formulating our individual change paths. She is there for us every step of the way to challenge and support and we look forward to continuing to work with her.
WPO Albany Chapter 1 Member

Her transparency is paramount to the success she achieves drawing her audience into her personal story which then she weaves seamlessly into a well-designed and compelling program wherein self-care has a primary role in business achievement. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie as a speaker for other WPO Chapters as well as companies and other organizations searching for pragmatic inspiration.
WPO Albany Chapter 1 Member

Having Katie share her expertise, shaped by years of personal first-hand experience, was truly an incredible opportunity for our Leadership Rhode Island alumni community. We invited Katie to demonstrate the synergy between wellness, nutrition, effective time-management, and modern leadership practices. Her four-part series challenged our alumni to rethink the way in which they lead their own lives and clearly painted an achievable path of life-long wellness. Katie has a phenomenal approach to discussing often difficult topics and presenting strategies that are reasonable, measurable, and practical for the lives of our busy leaders. Our alumni walked away from each session excited to make a positive change in their behaviors and inspired to influence their own communities to do the same.
Ray Nuñez
Communications and Engagement Specialist, Leadership Rhode Island

Katie McDonald is a true professional with a thorough knowledge of her business and a sincere desire to serve her clients. It is apparent within a few minutes of speaking with Katie that she is passionate about what she does and evident that her work is more than a job: it’s a lifestyle. Her aim is to bring out the best in each and every individual she encounters and has the great fortune of making her life’s work her career.
Sam Ragosta
Vice-President, Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Katie’s presentation was fantastic and I know that people left there empowered. Not only was the content spot-on for what I was hoping our agency staff would take away, but the feedback I have received thus far has been excellent. Katie is a dynamic speaker with eloquence and a wealth of knowledge that she shares passionately.
Lindsay Sgambato
Rhode Island Food Bank

We were very fortunate to have Katie as our main corporate wellness presenter over the past year. Katie is a beautiful soul who is able to connect to her audience through her personal struggles and helps identify the areas in our lives that need the most change. Her presentations are simple, unique and inspiring. I highly recommend introducing Katie and bnourished to your employees.
Jennifer Martel
Wellness Coordinator, BlumShapiro

The presentation was vibrant, eye-opening, and informative. I left inspired to make self-care my number-one priority — realizing this is how I can best support others. For anyone who wants to reach higher levels of performance and joy by getting real about their health, I highly recommend Katie.
Todd Iarussi
Performance Coach

Bring back Katie! Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable and engaging, wish we had more time. The hour flew by.
participant in corporate presentations

The bnourished approach to helping you believe that change is not only possible, but also attainable, empowers you to make better choices. We have invited Katie in to facilitate a lunch-n-learn with our employees on several occasions. Katie has lived in the shoes of a stressful work-life, and her insight has helped many of our employees to ‘hit the pause button’ by challenging them to think about their ideal path, then actually taking a hard look at the choices that they are currently making.

Whether it is her special herbal tea blend, her exceptionally crafted presentations, or the personal anecdotes she uses to add color and ‘tough love’ to her message, every element of Katie’s message is both engaging and empowering.
Greg S, Swarovski North America