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If you’re longing to make lasting changes to your self-care routine, b.nourished offers you an effective and proven approach. Connect with me to learn how I can tailor a holistic, time-tested and proven b.nourished program to serve your individual needs and aspirations. Just fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a time that works for you.

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What if self-care wasn’t just another to-do you need to somehow cram into an already unforgiving schedule?

Find out how 1-on-1 coaching with Katie McDonald can help you…

  • Tame the chaos in your mind
  • Nourish yourself with food and sleep
  • Commit to daily self-care practices with self-accountability
  • Increase productivity and your bottom line
  • Have peace of mind

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If you’ve been wanting to work with me 1-on-1, this is truly the opportunity you have been waiting for!

The opportunity to work with Katie McDonald has given me strength, clarity and a deep understanding of who I am. I feel empowered when I connect in meaningful ways both personally and professionally and I will continue on my journey to always reflect, assess, evolve, always digging deeper for purpose…purpose to live a healthy and happy life nourished with all the good stuff!

Ting Barnard

For years, I have been reactive to life instead of intentional, and now that I have learned how to be intentional, and care for myself, everyone else including me is better because of it. There is such a direct correlation of self-care to my success, health, and happiness.


When I first started with Katie, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even imagine there was any other way to be. I was totally depleted of energy, I felt like I had no control over my demanding work schedule, and I was in a constant battle with food due to my stress. For years, I had given myself zero time for exercise or any form of self-care. I was on the verge of depression and couldn’t see any way out other than to quit my job, but that too felt too overwhelming to tackle.

From day one with Katie, she assured me that things could and would be different in six months. I just had to trust the process we were about to begin. Over the six months, Katie helped me deconstruct each of my seemingly monumental issues into manageable choices and changes I could make each day. We started by addressing my bad habits around food, which created some clarity and space for change in other areas, and then slowly, but consistently, built from there.

This process isn’t magic–it’s work; but it’s work that is guided by a very skilled and compassionate cheer leader. Katie knows you have it in you to make positive changes and she will tell you that every step of the way.


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