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Don’t deprive other people of having your back the way you have theirs.

If you’re in the b.nourished community, my guess is you are far more likely to give than receive.

You might be someone who never asks for help. You’re too strong for that. You have it all together. Well, I’m calling bullshit on that one. We all need help.

I used to tell myself that if I asked for help, then I would be taking. And that giving was the only way to navigate the world – or so I thought. I relished in the high we all get from giving but deprived others of that same rush. Over-giving is selfish.

But then I got sick, really sick. And I needed help. And that’s when I accepted that I’m a human being just like everybody else, that I could stop pretending that I have it all together. I could stop pretending that I don’t need anybody.

The fact is, we all need people, we need each other. So, practice receiving and asking for help. You may not always get a yes, but it is still a bold, brave act. Then receive it graciously with an open heart.

Be defiant. Understand that asking for help makes you incredibly fierce and strong. It is a sign of strength.


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