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When did we stop needing enrichment and growth?


You and I don’t hesitate when it comes to making sure everyone else is taken care of. We readily spend money and time to ensure other’s growth and health. But when it comes to ourselves, it feels indulgent and naughty.

Why? What’s that about?

Your personal and professional development is incredibly important for the longevity of your career.

Once you start investing in yourself: you get traction, you feel empowered, and you see the direct return on the investment that you make in yourself.

In doing so, you liberate everyone else to do the same by being an advocate for self-care and a role model to your kids and to those that look up to you.

This isn’t frivolous. Self-care is an investment in the greatest asset you have – your own well-being.

So be defiant. Unapologetically invest in yourself.


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