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Do you habitually drink?

Have you considered what role alcohol plays in your life?

The fact is, a lot of us need to renegotiate our relationship with alcohol.

A lot of times drinking is something that we just do. It’s what everybody else is doing.

We want to test our habits every once in a while and make sure that we’re in the driver’s seat, especially habits that don’t particularly contribute to our health and well-being. So consider abstaining from alcohol for two weeks.

And then we decide, “Do I choose it again?” And if I do choose it again, in what way might I do it differently?

You have permission and an opportunity to explore this and all your habits.

So, play with it. Disrupt your habits. That’s what we’re here for instead of becoming unconscious and robotic in our habits. Intentionality replaces reactivity as we gain mastery over our lives. This is how we be defiant.


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