There are a few ways in which we can work together:

btransformed: six-month, one-on-one holistic health program

If you long to make lasting changes to your self-care routine, then this program is the most effective approach — and six months is just the right amount of time needed to cultivate habits that last.
When it comes to our bodies, we’re not given an owner’s manual. Which is why this six month program empowers you to write your own — one which represents who you are, who you want to be, and who you know you’re meant to be.
If you’re ready to experience true health and well-being, I’ll show you how powerful it can be to hit the pause button on your life and become more deliberate about everything you do, moment by moment — every bite, every word, every choice.
You’ll stop living from the neck up, reconnect with your body temple, and emerge feeling powerful.

The btransformed six-month program includes:

• Two 50-minute meetings each month for six months
• Handouts,  books, food and other tools related to your goals
• Email and phone support between sessions
• Online coaching system to heighten accountability and clarity as well as generate even greater, trackable results
• Online interactive food record
• Simple, nourishing plant based recipes
• Hand-crafted herbal tea blend exclusive to bnourished clients
As a witness to your journey, I provide a framework of accountability, validation, structure and resources to ensure your ultimate success.

“When I met Katie, my world was on the verge of being turned upside down.

I had been diagnosed with low grade dysplasia in my colon after battling Ulcerative Colitis for 15 years. My doctors were recommending a full removal of my colon.

I believed I could beat the odds and take control of my life. When I started working with Katie. What blew me away was how much she believed in me. I felt she was like a partner who wanted my results just as much I did.

Together we put together a plan to transform my diet. She took into account some of my fears around eating healthier and approached my situation by gradually challenging me to try things: from learning how to cook, what foods to buy and what to eat and also to integrated smoothies into my diet.

The whole process, she helped me keep honest but what was amazing was by time I went back fro my first set of Biopsies came back and showed no Dysplasia.

Though I’m not out of the water, that was a HUGE win for me and I am confident that by time I go for my next Biopsies will show a similar result and I will be able to keep all of my body parts!

If you are worried about your health and serious about making a change, I can’t recommend working with Katie enough. She changed my life and I’m grateful to have her on my team!

— Rob


bpresent: one-on-one, group coaching, & presentations

Having spent a considerable amount of time working with Time, Inc. generating $1.5 million dollar in sales, I understand the pace of corporate life intimately. I also rapidly learned how crucial it was that I incorporate intentional self-care into my daily routine if I was to experience true success.
Now I teach others how to do the same in order for them to heighten creativity and productivity while effectively managing stress in and outside of the workplace.
If you’re passionate about investing in the well-being of your company and understand that the health of your employees and health of your bottom line are inextricably entwined, ask me about my custom corporate coaching sessions and presentations.
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Ready to invest in your future self?

If you . . .

:: don’t feel the way you want to feel
:: have been neglecting yourself for oh, too long
:: are chronically sick or exhausted or suffering with rampant digestive issues
:: are convinced that there’s a better way
here’s what I want you to know:

You can be well. Be free. Be happy. bnourished.

And you can feel good again.
Even if it’s been a while.
Even if you’ve forgotten how to put yourself first.

It’s time.

Time to do what you love, not just THINK about it.
Time to cultivate a more compassionate, gentler voice for yourself.
And time to be held accountable.

But most of all, it’s time to change your life for the better.

I’ll guide you in the right direction with a sprinkling of tough love and a heaping dose of compassion.


“A year later, I am on NO prescription medications!

When I first contacted Katie, I was taking five different prescription medications to manage allergies, asthma and depression. My weight was the heaviest of my adult life: 215 pounds. I was told if I didn’t get my Cholesterol, LDL, VLDL and Triglyceride numbers in control, more medication would be needed to stave off illness. I was scared to make the phone call but with alcoholism, diabetes and cancer in my family history, I was even more scared NOT to make the call.

With her no-nonsense approach, Katie transformed my life. She empowered me to make decisions for ME. She taught me how to say NO to all things in life that don’t serve me, my family or my priorities. She taught me that MY health is MY birthright.

Within 6 months, my cholesterol was down 37 points, LD was down 24 points, VLDL was down 3 points and Triglyceride levels are down 16 points. A year later, I am on NO prescription medications. I start each day with a tall glass of water and go from there!

It’s not a phase, it’s not a diet, it’s a journey . . . MY journey. And I’m forever grateful to Katie McDonald for the gift of lifelong health!”

— P. Bernstein

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