Pathways to who you’re meant to be.

Chances are, you’ve tried other life-change programs — but they simply haven’t worked. So you keep making the same bad choices. And you’re at a total loss on how to stop this cycle.

Creating a structure you can live with.

b.nourished programs are designed to be simple, comprehensive and easy to integrate into your life. For Katie McDonald, it’s all about creating new rituals to heal and soothe you from the inside out. Pretty soon, you start getting results from these consistent positive behaviors. And ironically, through this structure comes freedom. That’s when you start to feel empowered.

Providing the daily tools you need to succeed.

The b.nourished online coaching portal is designed to keep you on the right path. With these “coach accountable” programs, Katie helps you to set and meet realistic goals — while providing graphs to track your progress. You’ll have everything you need to connect with your personally tailored program. Where all the motivation and inspiration you need is right in front of you.

One of the tools was a plain brown book of empty pages. Pages I needed to fill with that which heals me, moves me and elevates me to a better place.

Shelley Renzi

What’s more, Katie will check in with you regularly. Using the portal to send valuable suggestions, timely reminders and motivational messages. She also responds to messages within 24 hours. Enabling you to reach out to Katie at the times you need her most.

Holding you accountable for staying on track.

Making major lifestyle changes is easier said than done. And the reason why most programs don’t work is because there’s no one to hold you accountable.

I loved getting follow up emails just when I needed them most. Katie always knew when to use gentle discipline — and when to just step back.


If you don’t have a path, you don’t know when you’re off it. b.nourished programs are about getting you to realize how to get back on your new path. Katie knows how to turn up the heat in a positive and nurturing way — like a fire that you want to be warmed by. Combining intense one-on-one guidance with the assurance of consistent, supportive communication.

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