Valuable resources to inform your journey.

When you’re transforming your life, it helps to be resourceful. This page features a carefully curated list of self care tools. Elements that Katie uses to inform her own continuing journey and to enrich her day-to-day life. Tangible and intangible tools that can keep us connected to the higher version of ourselves. While helping us to become more thoughtful and deliberate about every facet of their lives.


Now Discover your Strengths, Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton

One of the best ways to master your time is to leverage your strengths, then delegate or let go of the rest. Every client completes the Strengthfinders test so we can gain more insight into how to leverage their strengths to more skillfully navigate their lives.
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In early 2017 I made the decision to be free from paper overwhelm. Evernote is a digital organizer that enabled me to transform into a largely paperless system. No longer buried with paperwork and empowered with all needed information in one touch, I feel liberated.
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Rishi Matcha Powder

Matcha is grounded up tea leaves, richer in antioxidants than customary steeped and strained tea. I am a tea snob and refuse to drink inferior brands typically found in restaurants so I come equipped with my own supply. After 12pm, I switch to my custom bnourished blend of herbal tea to protect my sleep. The ritual of tea stops time.
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Eileen Fisher

Eileen understands that many women crave comfort, style, and simplicity. The ease of her clothes enables me to bring my focused attention where it belongs instead of being distracted by my clothes. An instructor at her Leadership Institute, I  admire Eileen as a mindful thought leader in business.
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A time map

Record your life in 30 minute intervals to truly uncover where you invest your life energy. Each client completes a time map for at least 2 weeks. The resulting awakening leads to a closing of the gap between intentions and real actions.
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Clean Food, Terry Walters

It is not easy to impress me with cookbooks. Terry’s books books do. Organized by seasons and consistently committed to the highest nutritive and taste values, She and I share similar training and I have been lucky enough to participate in some of her workshops. This book belongs on very cookbook shelf.
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Clients record their food-Clients record the what and the when of the food they consume for a number of months throughout their bnourished journey. No shame, only gents observation as a precursor to change. I observe their food records real time and can provide tweaks and additions, etc. I prefer adding missing nutrient dense foods rather than focusing on eliminating foods.
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Plan to Eat

My clients in the bmaintained year long maintenance program receive an annual subscription to Plan To Eat so they can consistently and mindfully feed themselves and their families. Plan To Eat is heaven for purposeful meal planning.
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Fancy or pedestrian, chopsticks provide a blissful (and frustrating!) opportunity to learn to slow down and chew. How we do one thing is how we do everything so slow down the pace of life by slowing down to eat a meal.
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4 Tray Sprouter, Victorio Kitchen Products

Watching seeds transform into sprouts is as soulfully satisfying as it is tasty. Easy to use, kids become transfixed and nibble on the nutrient rich sprouts by the fistful.
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A brain dump of internal chatter creates space for bigger thinking. My beloved online task manager, Todoist, holds every thought, task, promise I have. Peace of mind and focus replace mental chaos and distraction.
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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo

This book sat on my shelf taunting me to get real about how much stuff I owned and how it was owning me. I implemented every step recommended in the book and my relationship with my home, with my belongings, and with myself transformed.
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Audible Books

We must commit to perpetual learning in order to thrive, in order to move beyond mediocrity. Becoming intentional about what we let into our minds holds true transformative power. Let your car be your classroom.
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Mountain Seat Zafu Meditation Cushion

My monkey mind inevitably distracts me while my cushion supports me in my meditation practice.
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Dry erase pen

Any brand will do. Use it to write an affirming message to yourself on your bathroom mirror. We can decide how we converse with ourselves.
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