Everybody’s different. So how you decide to change your life depends on who you are. What’s important to you. And who you want to be. I can help you get clear on that — and to make the thoughtful, deliberate choices it takes to truly empower your being.

First I start by showing you how to hit the pause button on your life. Then, we’ll probe into what’s causing the habits and challenges you have. But not like a therapist would. What interests me are your present habits and choices. So I’m more like a conductor who helps to orchestrate your daily life in a more productive and harmonious way.

The intimate one-on-one work I do with my clients is breathtaking. It’s not about just sending you to my web portal. You’ll have the personal guidance of a dedicated advocate. Someone who stays in contact and checks in on you. Someone you can reach out to when you need her most.

I’ve been in your shoes. So I truly understand how you’re struggling. And today, I have a path, the nourishment and the tools to keep me there. And I know what it takes to get back on track, whenever I veer off my chosen path. This is what I can also do for you as a knowledgeable, passionate advocate for your needs and dreams.

My mission is to help you define your unique path — leading you to who you want to become. But you will veer. We all do. That why I also equip you with the tools and confidence to quickly find your way back when life turns upside down.

It’s time to start thriving instead of simply surviving. So you can serve your life, your loved ones — and the world — in the way that only you can. This is your responsibility as a human being. And what’s more, it’s your birthright.

Katie McDonald
Self-Care Strategist
b.nourished Founder


b.nourished is a thought leader in self-care strategies with an unparalleled focus on  food, thought, and time.  Through corporate and organizational speaking engagements and a  private concierge coaching practice, b.nourished serves overwhelmed high achievers taking care of business at the expense of taking care of themselves. b.nourished…. transforming lives one intentional habit at a time.

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