you know the saying
“too much of a good thing?”

That can describe today’s seemingly endless array of resources for self-care and personal well-being. All these options are simply not created equal.

This getting-started guide is the result of the countless hours — actually decades — I’ve devoted to finding the most powerful tools and resources available. It was carefully curated to help you find valuable and transformative resources for your own journey.

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Have you ever felt like the universe was speaking directly to you? That was what it felt like when I literally crossed paths with Katie for the third time in the course of several weeks. On that afternoon, a headache was raging, I was exhausted, and I couldn’t even muster enough energy to stop and introduce myself before leaving the event. Connecting with Katie was just what I needed to gain clarity and make the changes that would positively impact every aspect of my life. Her 360-degree approach helped me see where I could make improvements in my work, my eating, my movement. I have even changed how I approached time! I have renewed energy and a fresh perspective, and the tools to navigate future challenges. If you’re asking who would guide you towards wellness best, especially during these disruptive times, Katie would be my answer.

Luann Edwards

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