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b.nourished provides concierge coaching for high achievers who take care of business at the expense of taking care of themselves.

What’s keeping you from being the person you always wanted to be? Probably a number of things. Let’s work together to remove the obstacles. The b.nourished process starts by helping you to believe real change is possible. That simple conviction puts you on a path towards a more balanced and vibrant life. By holding you accountable through a compassionate dose of tough love. While helping you develop positive new behaviors that align your present self with the person you want and deserve to be. Take a few minutes to explore my website. You’ll begin to get a sense of what is possible in your life — and the uniquely personal ways b.nourished can help.

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Introducing the b.nourished Planner

Take care of business while taking care of yourself.

This is more than just a notebook to keep track of your appointments. It is a trusted guide helping you honor your commitments to yourself with the same sense of urgency and responsibility you approach external commitments. With the b.nourished framework self-care is not crammed into and then dismissed in the dwindling hours of the day. Instead, it takes center stage as an effective strategy for greater focus and impact. Includes daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly opportunities to celebrate success, and pivot or recalibrate where needed.

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Self-Care Resources

Guide yourself to ultimate well-being and peace of mind


start feeding your soul: instead of your impulses.

Many people who find b.nourished have a complicated relationship with food. Maybe you’re indulging to soothe your daily stresses. Or overeating in a misguided attempt to fuel your day and meet unrealistic expectations. Or maybe your frenzied pace is simply causing convenience to outweigh nutrition. With b.nourished, you’ll come to realize your plate isn’t just something you use to fill a void. It’s a mirror of who you are. Beginning with a free newsletter, Katie McDonald will provide the tools to repair your relationship with food and nourish your soul. While addressing any unique needs your body may have.

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find the solution within

We tend to look for life solutions everywhere except within. But we already have everything we need to access that healthier version of ourselves: calm, peaceful, productive and balanced. Lasting change comes from searching our own lives and habits. And it depends on who you are. What’s important to you. And who you want to be. Beginning with a free newsletter, Katie McDonald will teach you to reveal your inner strengths and your path of least resistance. You’ll also learn to hold yourself accountable. Skillsets and tools to keep from veering off your new path. And the wisdom to know when and how to get back on track.

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understand your to-do list is not your life.

We tend to invest our energies into everything but ourselves. Satisfied to check off tasks. Then realizing the important stuff isn’t getting done. Just putting out fires instead of making real progress. As time goes on, it feels like things are off. We’re really not at our best. And others are starting to notice. We’re just spread way too thin by our multiple business duties. Along with our personal roles as life partners, parents, caregivers, etc. With b.nourished, you’ll learn the power of pushing the pause button. To get a handle on things before they get out of hand. And to quickly regain a sense of wellbeing when they do.

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