my favorite places to replenish myself in New York City

I’m a little bit country…I’m a little bit city. “City me” feels at home in NYC. I stuff my bag with my all-black wardrobe (a black wardrobe is like Garanimals for grownups – everything matches) and leave lots of room for my travel essentials including, although not limited to:

  • downloaded books on tape for train or car
  • herbal tea
  • green tea
  • thermos so I can refill with hot water any time I want
  • bamboo wrap
  • essential oils, especially calming scents like lavender and geranium
  • hand lotion
  • essential oil infused hand wipes
  • water bottle (cities are dehydrating)
  • my b.nourished planner to capture observations and to stay rooted despite the inherent urban chaos

Admittedly traveling lightly has never been my thing. Especially when visiting a city because the inevitable hard edges need softening and my spirit needs reinforcements. I love the adventures, vitality, diversity, and resources of the Big Apple that delight and then, after a day or two, deplete me. I stumble into flower shops and parks just to get grounded again. I dab more and more essential oils under my nose already assaulted by city stench.

I lean into my curated kit and seek serene spaces to replenish my reserves.

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Here are some of my favorite nourishing and rejuvenating spots in NYC:


12 East 32nd Street
a nourishing environment for physical and spiritual sustenance (try the multi-course option). All plant-based mindfully made food, this “shrine” restores me.


73 Skillman Avenue
a tiny delight of a tea shop with the finest Japanese sourced products.

ABC Home

888 Broadway
I touch every surface here. Yup, I shamelessly pet almost every object I see in this divinely abundant and gathered mecca with home goods, skincare, crystals, jewelry and more.

High Line

Gansevoort Street in the south or 34th Street in the north
Walking is my favorite way of exploring any city as I learn the neighborhoods and their unique treasures. The Highline delivers the city to my feet as it winds throughout the food markets and art galleries and engages the senses with natural beauty.


Which museum depends on my mood but museums are sacred spaces in service to beauty and culture. Museum Hacks offers fun and irreverent museum tours that immerse you deeply into the art.

Aire Ancient Baths

88 Franklin Street
Water therapy works every time to invigorate a tired body and mind.

What do you love about city life? Share your favorite spots in NYC with me if you don’t see yours listed here, and be sure to let me know if you are inspired to visit any of my recommendations.

I know a lot of people are traveling this summer; if you know someone who is visiting New York and would appreciate this list, feel free to send it to them. And let them know they can sign up for my newsletter here (free b.nourished resource guide included).


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