create a healthier relationship with food.

Deep down, you know you should be eating better. You just don’t know where to begin. Drawing on our decades of experience, b.nourished programs approach nutritional counseling holistically. While educating you in a way that makes healthful eating an intrinsic part of your being.

It’s not about depriving you of food, or making your meals less enjoyable. It’s about conditioning you to eat the best quality food possible. Simple whole foods that satisfy your taste buds — while providing your body and mind with nutritional elements that make you feel wholly nourished, healed and energized.

Replacing old eating habits with bold new strategies.

So much of poor nutrition and overeating is based on environmental triggers and habits formed decades ago. Beginning with a free newsletter, Katie McDonald will help you get a handle on the influences and behaviors that have become an unconscious part of your life. While helping to craft new positive rituals that align with your vision of who you want and deserve to be.

The idea is to create a sustainable relationship with high-quality food that is tailored to your specific tastes, lifestyle and physical needs. Food is an important part of life. But it shouldn’t be the focal point of your day. Katie will show you how it can nourish the core of your being in a powerful way. So you can concentrate on thriving, instead of just surviving.

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