Burned-Out Execs

Putting wellness on the agenda.

I left my corporate job after 18 years in the workforce. I was too tired to exercise. Too tired to cook healthfully. I was simply too tired, period.


In your career and your business relationships, you are definitely rocking it. But when it comes to self-care, not so much. Many of us pack gym clothes with the best of intentions, but never quite make it there. And our unending list of duties always seem to take precedence over preparing a wholesome dinner.

For years, I have been reactive to life instead of intentional, and now that I have learned how to be intentional, and care for myself, everyone else including me is better because of it. There is such a direct correlation of self-care to my success, health, and happiness.


So what happens? Maybe that predictable 3:00 pm energy slump hits and leaves you trolling for sugar. Or maybe you’re powering through the day with the promise of a glass of wine as a reward. Then over time, what began as a treat becomes an obstacle to the energy and clarity you need to succeed.

I’m accustomed to succeeding in most areas of my life. Yet I was so ashamed that I couldn’t successfully take care of myself. The constant punishing internal self-dialogue over it all was brutal.

Bethany W.

As a result, you wind up feeling a little off. Less productive, less focused, less effective. Your exhaustive, unattainable to-do list is affecting the bottom line. You simply can’t get everything done. Others are beginning to notice — and things are starting to fall through the cracks.

I didn’t realize how brutal and unforgiving I was to myself. Katie asked me to look at my volume of work and responsibility. And helped create systems to address when I’m overwhelmed.

Sandy R

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