Chronically Busy

Giving back to yourself: And knowing when to say no.

What’s the biggest problem with people who are over-busy? They’re constantly in service to everyone. Except themselves. So every request becomes a yes. In fact, it becomes second nature.

Have you experienced just how empowering “no” can be? If you keep these two little letters in your hip pocket, you are packing a powerhouse full of liberation. It doesn’t preclude me from navigating through a ridiculous amount of responsibility each day. But my plate is full of exactly what I ordered.

Lindy Gilbert

In addition to looking after your own kids, you could be caring for a sick parent, an in-law, or even a spouse. On top of dealing with the day-to-day demands of your career. All while your own health and wellness falls by the wayside.

Katie helped me take small steps to make more “me” time, while maintaining a busy and unconventional work schedule. She gave me the space and confidence to figure things out for myself — then checked in and stepped in at different points to lend support.


Until you learn to be good for you, you can’t possibly be good for them. With b.nourished, you’ll learn to understand when to come from a place of yes. And when you simply need to say no — draw a boundary — and say yes to you.

I wasn’t being deliberate about planning, organizing and designing my time. Which led to a feeling of chaos, anger and frustration. This pattern was spilling over into my food. It’s not just the weight that I needed to change, but the way I approached life, food and my schedule.

Cheryl L.

Need to learn how to hit the pause button in your life?

It’s time to design the life you’re meant to be living. Which makes you better for everyone around you. This won’t happen overnight, but it does need to happen. Before it’s too late.

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