Undergoing Life Changes

Creating a safe haven in times of change.

It’s been a year since I finally stood up for myself and said: “I’m tired of being tired.” I’d tried coffee, power naps, dieting, exercising and nothing seemed to work. That phone call to Katie started me on a journey that has positively transformed my life.

P. Bernstein

Life changes comes in all sorts of forms — for all kinds of reasons. One day you wake up and realize things just aren’t working anymore. All that toxic stuff you’ve been shoving down for years suddenly comes back to haunt you.

Now I have tools to manage anything life throws at me. Katie taught me to listen and trust what my body and mind are telling me.

Anne H

For years, you’ve been ignoring the tremendous toll that denial has been taking on your mind and body. And your health could even be in dire straits. Whether you realize it or not. You just can’t get away with self-neglect anymore.

Katie had an uncanny ability to point me in the direction of my own self. when I started to look outside.


Once you have some freedom, you’re suddenly thinking about it more and more. Then something happens — maybe you just turned 40 or 50 — and it becomes inescapable. The shit just hits the fan. And you can’t get away with it anymore.

Katie is one of those five people you will surely meet in heaven. And if you are ready for change, you’re ready for Katie.

Nicole Levy

Want to believe that lasting change is really possible?

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