Poor Health

Empowering your entire being.  From the inside out.

I found myself in my mid-40’s with a lot of extra weight, occasional arrhythmia, headaches, skin breakouts, stomach issues and no idea where to start digging myself out.

Bethany W.

Years of self-neglect can lead to a host of physical ailments. Like digestion issues and bloating. Life-threatening illnesses. And it often takes an eye-opening diagnosis to really shake up the way you’ve been living.

Ulcerative colitis was affecting every aspect of my life. I was becoming depressed, feeling scared, shameful, embarrassed — losing so many things that were important in my life.

Erin Perron

The btransformed program helps to identify the obstacles preventing you from being healthy. With Katie by your side to help attack them head-on. It’s all about taking the time to address the root of the problem. Instead of falling into the trap of excessive and/or unnecessary medication.

I am off all steroids and only taking two medications for my ulcerative colitis. More importantly, I now have a much better understanding of my body and what it needs. Along with a much better view of what my future can and will hold — for me, my family, and my life.

Erin Perron

Getting started in battling an illness can be overwhelming. But even seemingly little things can make a major difference in how you feel and perform. And in the end, you’ll wonder what was holding you back.

My doctors were recommending a full removal of my colon. I already believed I could beat the odds and take control of my life. What blew me away was how much Katie believed in me. I felt she was like a partner who wanted my results just as much I did.


Are you sick and tired of being sick-and-tired?

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