One word. One year.

Information is no longer reserved for the privileged few. We are drowning in details, facts, figures, data, and opportunities Anything we want to know can be googled in a matter of seconds. Lectures, invitations, seminars, courses…the possibilities are endless. Overwhelm is inevitable. Like staring at the grocery aisle bulging with 200 different cereals, we become paralyzed by the quantity of choice. Inertia sets in. More information or opportunity is not what we need. What we desperately lack is a filter, a way of determining which information is priority, which is pertinent, which deserves our attention.

We find peace of mind when we select one word to serve as a filter through which all decisions are made. We are drowning in information but lacking criteria or standards. Let one word guide the choices-from what you eat, to what you think, and how you invest your time.

This word becomes a guiding principle to help us navigate the plethora of options. Simplify the inherently complicated. Yes and no can roll off our tongues with ease and without apology. The clarity liberates you to tend to what you know is your highest priority.

A barrage of options dilutes the intensity and passion of our days. Living life on an assembly line. Shouting next to each responsibility and task that stumbles before you.

A few years ago my word was badass. I still giggle when I say it. It feels so deliciously naughty. And it was. You see, I needed a push. I was playing small and badass was just the word to catapult me from my nest. Every opportunity, invitation, I considered went through the badass filter. What would a badass do? Life became clearer and excuses faded away. Yes to the TV appearance. Yes to the radio interview. Yes to presenting to the Fortune 100 company. A big no to all the “good girl” things I used to identify as mandatory. What is your one word? The one word you will consult throughout the day, throughout the year?

Every one of my clients chooses a word to define their 6 month transformation with bnourished. Here are some examples of both adjectives and nouns to inspire you: strong, powerful, energy, fierce, peace of mind, clarity, focus.

I can help.

What is your “hell yes”?

Replace mediocrity and robotic reflexes with intention and clarity. Connect intention with attention and watch your life transform.


More than just a notebook

The b.nourished planner is a trusted guide helping you honor your commitments to yourself with the same sense of urgency and responsibility you approach external commitments.

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